Connected Healthcare MySherpa & Cisco

Simplifying Connected Healthcare

Healthcare is a complex, expensive, and fraught with regulations.  HIPAA laws are designed to protect patient data and healthcare providers are challenged to deliver connectivity while securing data.

Improving patient care starts with connectivity. Seamless systems access helps healthcare works move efficiently from patient to patient to provide more care, faster.


Learn how Bryn Mawr Medical Specialists Associates Simplified Connected Healthcare
with Cisco Meraki

Is Your Legacy Infrastructure Costing You BIG?


Wasted US Healthcare


Healthcare Executives Reported Forced
System Shutdown
(Cyber Attack)

$ 45.7K

Cost/Hour of Downtime 
(Mid Sized Hospital)

The MySherpa & Cisco Difference

  • Simplify the Configuration of the Infrastructure
  • Cisco Umbrella Increases Security of Patient Data
  • Improve Connectivity for Medical Staff
  • Cloud Infrastructure to Reduce OPEX Costs
  • Clear VOIP Communications Increasing Productivity
  • Improved Wireless Coverage

Accelerate Project Communication with Microsoft Teams

  • Video meetings and chat between offices for real-time collaboration
  • Create teams to manage documents, communications, and more
  • Integrate Healthcare apps like EHR, Insurance Benefits, and other systems

Is Your Legacy Infrastructure Costing You BIG?

Why MySherpa, Cisco, and Microsoft?

MySherpa, Cisco, and Microsoft are your go to technology healthcare partners simplifying connectivity and communication. We help you improve patient care, staff efficiency, system connectivity, and data security.