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    MySherpa Helps Your IT StaffPropel Your Success


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    MySherpa Helps Your IT Staff Propel Your Success


Be More Productive

Have Happier Staff

Enjoy Worry-Free IT


Is your IT letting you down?

Losing money due to down time?

Current provider dropping the ball?

Staff complaining because of outdated technology?

Does your network run slow or your computers crash often?

Worried that your data isn’t as secure as it could be?

Need to improve your technology but don’t know where to start?

Get better results by avoiding these 7 critical mistakes.

Your handy guidebook to worry-free IT

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Enjoy Worry-Free IT with MySherpa


Experience Less Headaches

Everyone’s workday is better when their
technology works.


More Productive Staff

Less downtime improves profitability and
increases morale.


Have a Proactive IT Partner

We’ll help you plan for where your business is
going, not just where it is today.


We don’t just care about technology. We care about you.

At MySherpa, we know that frustrating IT hinders growth, but great IT accelerates it. We don’t just help fix technology when it breaks.

We help keep it from breaking and help you prepare for where your business is going, not just where it is today.

Named Top MSP Provider by


Delaware State Chamber Superstar in Business


2020 Hot 101 SMB Winner


Delighting hundreds of clients in the Tri-State area

More than 30 trillion bytes of data protected

See what our customers are saying about us

Words can’t express how impressed and grateful I was that MySherpa was there at every turn to support our team, knowing they faced the same issues across their entire customer base as the world quickly changed.

Jeffrey S. Michael, CPA, CCIFP
Chief Financial Officer, Cippco

If businesses want to grow and don’t want/need their own IT department, MySherpa is the ticket to success in Managed Technology Services. My staffing worries are gone and our transition to working with MySherpa has been smooth sailing.

Rohit E. D’Souza, MBA, WCSP
D’Souza & Associates, Inc.

Ways we help your business win

Some of our most popular services include:

Managed Services



Help Desk

Cloud Computing

Backup and Disaster

Strategic Planning

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft 365


Hardware and Software

Licensing and Warranty Management

Business Continuity

Feel like your IT lets you down
at all the wrong times?

Technology is great…until it isn’t.

These days, we need technology to be in business, but all too
often it can feel like a hindrance and not a help.

When broken technology leads to a frustrated staff and missed deadlines, everyone pays. Morale goes down, and stress jumps up. Productivity plummets. Profits do, too.

Many businesses have learned to live this way, and that’s too bad. There’s a better path.

At MySherpa, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses in the Tri State area discover how great it can be when their IT is worry-free. Our proactive approach keeps our clients’ systems working and at peak performance—which keeps their employees working instead of complaining about their machines.

You don’t have to settle for constant IT headaches and hoping your systems won’t go down. By scheduling a call with us today, you will be taking the first step on the road to worry-free IT. We’ll get to know your business and asses your current systems. Then, we’ll work with you to optimize your IT so that your business can better reach its goals.

Don’t stay hindered by frustrating IT. Call us today, and we’ll help you make your IT incredible and worry-free.



Getting worry-free
IT is easy


Schedule My Assessment

We’ll get to know your business, discuss your IT needs, and schedule a site visit.


We’ll create a custom IT plan

No two companies are alike. During our site visit, we’ll asses your unique needs and craft a custom plan to make your IT incredible.


Enjoy worry-free technology

You’ll be able to focus on your business instead of being frustrated by the technology that’s holding you back.