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The view is great from the mountaintop. We can guide you there.

You can’t climb Everest alone. Even the most experienced climbers enlist the help of Sherpa guides, elite mountaineers with the strength and expertise to guide their customers to greater heights. When faced with the daunting task of keeping computer systems and networks running smoothly, even the savviest business people often feel like they’re facing an avalanche of obstacles. MySherpa is here to help. No matter what your business, our technology gurus will be your IT guides, helping you reach your summit, your peak performance.


For Business owners

We know the ropes. We’ll map your technology so you can stay focused on the mountaintop.

Serving DE, southeast PA, south NJ, MD

For IT leaders

Let our expert, seasoned guides help you shoulder the load of monitoring, managing and upgrading your network.

Serving DE, southeast PA, south NJ, MD

Effective Security for your expedition

You can rely on MySherpa for remote monitoring, secure BYOD policies, secure data destruction, helping your staff become “Human Firewalls,” and more.

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