Why MySherpa

You can count on MySherpa

The most experienced mountaineers wouldn’t climb Mount Everest without a guide – a trusted, knowledgeable Sherpa to take them to the summit. Information technology can be as daunting an obstacle, so businesses and other organizations rely on MySherpa guides to plan, implement and support their technology. Your Sherpa guide will never leave you stranded. And the cost is typically a fraction of a designated IT staff.

Our clients tell us that having a MySherpa professional on board gives them to freedom to focus on leading their enterprises to peak performance. Our seasoned Sherpas proactively identify various IT needs and then handle them, so you can remain focused on reaching the summit.

MySherpa’s philosophy is simple: When our clients succeed, so do we. We enjoy helping our clients climb to the top by using technology as a method to accelerate their businesses.

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