The Pathfinder – February 2016

Exciting news from our latest client expedition – Tonic

The Sherpas were hard at work late November to help ready Tonic Bar & Grille’s December Grand Opening. Tonic has something for everyone featuring great steaks, a great selection of cocktails and draft beer including the Head Sherpa’s favorite, Lagunitas.

Tonic is the place to be. Come out and see and have an appetizer compliments of Tonic and MySherpa!

Ethan, Jess and Adrian stop by Tonic for a late night snack!

Upcoming Events

Catch the Sherpas as we take over a window display at the Greater Wilmington Convention & Visitor’s Bureau! MySherpa will be decorating one of the 11th Street windows for GWCVB for the month of March. Our theme is Partnership in IT – please stop by and check it out! You can tag us on Facebook or Twitter.

We’re proud to be located in Wilmington, Delaware, the hottest tech hub on the East Coast. If you haven’t heard how cool it is to be in technology here, check out what the experts have said.

See you in the Spring!

Jess H

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