July Pathfinder – 2016

Summer Safety

As we enter peak summer fun time, the Sherpas just want to send you some quick safety reminders while you’re enjoying your outside activities.

  • Remember, put a security lock on your devices! Whether it’s fingerprint, numeric code or a drawing, make sure all your devices have a front door lock. That way, even if it goes lost at the beach or the pool, no one can access your device easily. Pro tip: engage a “Lost Device” app or service (we recommend activating Google’s Device Manager if you have Android) to keep your device easily locatable.
  • Did your device go for a swim? DON’T dunk it in a bowl of rice! Most tests show that you’d need at least four cups of instant rice to attempt a dehydration of your phone! If you can get your phone out of water immediately, you stand a better chance of recovering your phone by shaking, blowing, or vacuuming it right away. Remove all parts that you can (usually SIM card and battery), then dry off thoroughly with a microfiber towel. Lastly, let your device sit in front of a fan overnight.
  • You may enjoy a tan, but your phones and tablets do not! If you leave your phone in a car or other high temperature area, turn the device off to prevent overheating. Never ever leave your phone in direct sunlight – you can damage the screen as well as over heat the components.

Take care of your technology and it will continue to take care of you! Enjoy your summer!

~Jess H

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016 New Castle County Chamber of Commerce – Register Here

Join our Head Sherpa Greg at the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce’s Emerging Enterprise Center as he talks Cybersecurity for Small Business. Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner who’s got questions about cybersecurity? Maybe you’re not sure how to keep your business safe, or maybe you’re just looking for more information on where to start. Register now with the NCCCC to get a chance to sit down one on one with an expert.

DE KIDS Fund 5k 7th Annual Race - Saturday, August 6th AND Saturday August 13th, 2016Register Here

It’s July already and you know what that means? Team Sherpa is getting ready for our annual appearance at our favorite local summer walk/run – the Delaware KIDS Fund 5K!

Every year, MySherpa teams together with local Delaware businesses to raise funds to help distressed children get the immediate financial assistance and long-term support they need to grow up happy and healthy. Please join the employees and friends of MySherpa on August 6st, in Newport, Delaware as we walk and run for this great effort. It’s always a great time and this year’s Post-Race Party hosted with Twin Lakes Brewery will be no exception. See you there!

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