Happy Fall, dear readers!

As the nights get cold and frost greets us in the morning, the Sherpas are as busy as ever here at Base Camp. As you travel about in the cold weather, make sure you follow a couple of tips to keep your equipment functioning correctly.

  1. Don’t leave electronics in the car! The cold can affect the circuitry and even cause condensation INSIDE your screen. A good rule of thumb is to keep your gear near your body heat.
  2. If you do leave your gear in your car (it happens), let it come to room temperature before you plug in or operate. This will reduce the chance of frying any circuitry.
  3. Bring a spare battery! Extreme cold can sap your battery much faster than regular warm weather – make sure you have a small unit charged up and ready to roll.

Now that you’re ready for snowy weather, check out some of the cool things we’ve been up to this fall.


Sherpa Sightings

Dell World

In October, Jess H traveled to Austin for Dell World 2016, updating MySherpa’s Twitter feed with cool sights and sounds from the tech capital of Texas.

The inside of a Precision-class workstation.

This workstation can actually be washed and sanitized! Take a closer look at the keyboard that works under water.

Delaware Networking Station 2016 – with the DE State Chamber of Commerce and the BBB.

Ashely talks with attendees about MySherpa

The Marvin S. Gilman Superstars in Business Award – EDiS Company

The 2016 winners of the coveted Superstars in Business award include one of our amazing clients, EDiS Company. Check out their testimonial here.

Congratulations to the entire crew at EDiS – great job! If you’d like to learn more about the Delaware Small Business Alliance, click here.

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