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Hello readers,

In this age of data breaches and digital storage, it has become increasingly evident that information security is a top priority for our clients. Since the State of Delaware enacted a new data destruction law (we mentioned it back in March), MySherpa has responded by partnering with Securis to provide secure hard drive destruction that is affordable AND easy to manage.

Here’s how it works:

  • When a computer is decommissioned, MySherpa will remove the old hard drive(s), and lock them up in our secure, portable tote.
  • Once signed into our custody, MySherpa delivers the drive to Securis, who completes the chain by shredding the drive. There are NO middlemen touching data or the drives.
  • After the drive is destroyed, MySherpa sends a chain-of-custody certificate that you can provide to your legal or financial team, confirming that the drive was securely destroyed.

This service provides a secure method of data destruction, multi-step security verification, along with confirmation documents for just $10 a drive. We safely control the data from hand-off to destruction – another perk designed to give our clients real peace of mind about information security. If you think this is something your company would benefit from, reach out and email or call us at 302-781-3006.


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