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Windows 7 into Windows 8 and beyond
  • Windows 7 is on a retirement track – although you can still buy it for business PCs, mainstream support is ending now that 8.1 is available. Check this page out for continuing info on the availability of support for operation systems: https://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/lifecycle
Windows 9 or just plain Windows?
  • Microsoft is working diligently to get on a recurring OS release cycle, and by all the latest accounts, it looks like they might be solidifying their OS across platforms – no more “Windows phone”, just “Windows”. The latest rumors also indicate there may be free or low cost upgrades, depending on speed of the releases.
What does this mean for your business? It means that the same retirement cycle we saw earlier this year for Windows XP is now accelerated for Windows 7. It also shows a shift in Microsoft’s business practices to align with more consumer friendly updaters, like Apple. How will this resolve? We’re advising our clients to talk to their app developers and legacy software partners to be sure they will keep updating along with Microsoft. If you’re considering updating, or just not sure where to start, a Sherpa is ready and available to help you make the journey.

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ABC Fall Fest – Our Best Chili yet! We didn’t win, but our pot was empty – and that’s enough for us!

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Junior Sherpa Vienna can answer all your questions!

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BizBuzz – Tuesday, October 21st, 2014, Penn Cinema, Riverfront Wilmington. 8:00-11:00 AM. Register here. There’s still time to get your BizBuzz on! Join us for a fun and fact-filled morning while we discuss new trends in Digital Marketing and Tech Security. Get industry best practices that you can implement today, while networking with your peers. Corporate and Non-profits welcome!

Delaware Networking Station – Tuesday, September 23rd, Chase Center, Riverfront Wilmington. 5PM-8PM The Delaware State Chamber of Commerce along with the Better Business Bureau brings you the area’s largest annual networking mixer. Admission is FREE, and you’ll get to mix with hundreds of your peers, while checking out over 130 local businesses. Don’t miss us, at table #100!

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