Ransomware is

Ransomware is monstrous because it makes your data systems inaccessible. Like the feared Yetis of Nepal, it's a business killer. Experts predict a ransomware attack every 11 seconds in 2021. That is roughly six ransomware attacks per minute!

Like most small businesses, you are likely not adequately prepared to defend and recover from today's threats like ransomware. It is like playing a high-stakes game of Russian roulette, play the game long enough and, well, you know the outcome.

Fortunately, there is Yeti Repel by MySherpa!

What is Yeti Repel?

Yeti Repel is the security keystone of MySherpa’s Worry-Free IT service; it is next-generation security, on steroids, and is the answer to today’s monstrous threats. Yeti Repel is highly effective at defending companies from ransomware and is an essential component of layered security.

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Proof not promises.

Customers are talking about Yeti Repel.

“ MySherpa set up Yeti Repel. Now I don't worry about my company getting ransomware. ”

–Mark J.

“ I appreciate knowing MySherpa watches over our security, even when I'm sleeping. ”

–Susan P.

“ I looked at other security products, and they all cost more money than I'm comfortable spending. I like Yeti Repel because it is cost-effective. ”

–Jennifer R.

“ I love the fact MySherpa watches out for us. We are in good hands. ”

–John L.