Cyber Safety

Safe Construction Productivity

Construction companies work in thin margins and tight deadlines. Collaboration and Communication are essential to accelerate your project to profitability and on-time completion.

Project Managers and Superintendents need fast connectivity to get projects done. And management and accounting need to keep operations and data safe.

Is your Company Productive & Safe from Hackers?

Lack of Security Consequences



Ransomware Attacks



SBM Targeting


SBM Out of Business After a Hack

The MySherpa & Cisco Difference

  • Keep teams collaborating to stay on track & finish on-time and budget
  • Cisco Umbrella protects users, job sites, home, and everywhere
  • Clear voice over IP communications without the “Max Headroom” affect
  • Increased security to stifle hackers maintaining operational & data security
  • Eliminate “Swiss Cheese” security relegating it to a Rubin not operations

Impact of Communication on Project Success

Effective Communications


Meet Goals


Finish On Schedule

Minimal Communications


Meet Goals


Finish On Schedule

Are you Collaborating and Communicating?

Accelerate Project Communication with Microsoft Teams

  • Video meetings and chat between the office and field for real-time collaboration
  • Create teams to manage projects, documents, drawings, transmittals, and approvals
  • Integrate construction apps like Microsoft Project for centralized project management

Why MySherpa, Cisco, and Microsoft?

MySherpa, Cisco, and Microsoft are your go to technology construction partners delivering predictable results on-time and budget. We help you win more work by eliminating operational bottlenecks and communication delays, addressing client security requirements, and helping increase team productivity.

As spring approaches, now is the time to address your technology infrastructure before the spring project rush. Don't wait until your teams start projects to solve the performance and security challenges that will stop you dead in your tracks.