The Pathfinder – March 2016

Spring is finally here! For the Sherpas our Spring Cleaning isn’t the usual type – instead of cleaning rooms, we’re clearing out hard drives. Instead of dusting, we’re updating software. If you’ve been reading regularly, you know the Sherpas are constantly engaged in security activities – whether it’s trying out a secure password manager, or field testing encrypted file sharing programs. But even through all this new tech, the one constant remains – are your employees (yes, the actual people!) engaging in safe technology behavior?

We recommend a recent article that we posted to our Facebook page, (and you can read it here, too) that really stresses the importance of preparing your employees to be vigilant against common types of attacks. We have seen crypto locker viruses go to town IN MINUTES on laptops, spreading to entire networks, encrypting software and costing businesses thousands of dollars. But what if the employee never clicked on a suspicious email?

This spring, we challenge you to engage in educating your employees about the most often used attacks, such as email phishing and social engineering. Studies show that the more common the discussion about cyber security, the more prepared employees are to handle risk events during the course of their day.

So this spring, do your business a favor and have the hard conversations about safe information handling, and how to recognize common attack formats. You can’t prevent a cybersecurity attack, but you (and your staff) can be prepared, and engage in strong cyber security measures. It’s easy to reduce your risk – it’s not easy to clean up after a data breach.

If this seems daunting, don’t let it be – reach out to a Sherpa anytime to find out how to reduce your risk of a cyberattack, secure your business’s data and be ready in case of a disaster. Your Sherpas are ready to climb that mountain with you!

We’re ready to serve! You can reach us anytime on the web, Facebook, or Twitter! Happy Spring from us to you.

Jess H

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Our Window for March, Greater Wilmington Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

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27th Annual Kennett Run - Saturday, May 14th, 2016

MySherpa is proud to be a sponsor for the annual Kennett Run, in Kennett Square PA. This run benefits the local Kennett and Unionville schools and charities, and this will be MySherpa’s first year supporting this awesome run. Learn more about this Kennett Tradition, and we’ll see you there!

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