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Let’s talk about WannaCry

On May 12th,the largest global ransomware attack to date, named “WannaCry”, hit systems and ultimately affected more than 300,000 endpoints across 150 countries.

Once installed, forms of ransomware, including WannaCry, encrypt your data and hold it for ransom, often in bitcoin. This particular attack used an existing Microsoft vulnerability, EternalBlue, to spread the malware.

As the infection spread and worldwide systems were infected and even taken offline, it was an enormous wake-up call that cybersecurity preparation matters. But how can you combat a fast moving and insidious infection?

The answer is two-fold: First, secure your systems. This cannot be overstated – if your network and devices are not receiving regular security or firmware updates, your business needs to remedy that immediately. Second, educate your end users. Your employees are the first and best line of defense against anything that could attack your network – give them the training and tools to avoid becoming the next victims.

If a machine shows signs of ransomware, immediately turn the machine off. This new attack is designed to jump from machine to machine as a worm once it is on a network. Preventing it from going anywhere can save a lot of time and hassle. Next, contact your IT Administrator – they have the tools to localize the infection, stop it from spreading and get your business back up and running.

Even if you are infected, there are ways to mitigate the damage – but preparation is the definitely the best first step. MySherpa, in partnership with Ninjio, our security awareness training company, can help your company get updated and protected. Take a quick look at the links below, for more information and to get started securing your company AND your employees.

Zach Schuler, CEO of Ninjio describes the seriousness of this attack below.
Click here

For a more in depth article on this attack below is an article on
Click here

As always, if you’re ready to start your Technology Journey, you can contact us anytime.

Stay safe out there.

~Your Sherpa Team~

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Join MySherpa and the University of Delaware Office of Economic Innovation & Partnership for a special presentation focusing on mitigating your cyber risk, and protecting your company data.

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Delaware KIDS Fund 5K – Newport (8/5) and Dewey Beach (8/12), August 2017

We’re getting closer! Are you ready to run with the Sherpas?

The triumphant return of Team Sherpa is almost here as we get ready to knock out Newport! Our annual fundraising event for the DE KIDS Fund needs YOU to join us this year! Join the Sherpas for our annual walk/run to raise much needed funds for kids in distress in Delaware.

Family friendly, with food, beverages and fun stuff for the kids, the KIDS Fund 5k is a great way to help local kids and meet your superhero Sherpas!

You can check out the AMAZING work of the KIDS Fund here.

Interested in joining Team Sherpa? Keep your eyes open for our next info email – you’ll be able to register to run with the Sherpas!

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