Google to drop support of IE 9

2013Nov13_GoogleApps_CFor businesses who use Google’s Apps, the Internet browser is one of the more important programs you will need to have installed. It is how you will access most of the Apps you use after all. Some businesses prefer to use Internet Explorer (IE), and at the moment you can access Google Apps using this browser.

These 5 apps are great for Google

The Internet is one of the most useful tools to all businesses, it helps us collaborate, share and understand each other, while connecting us like no other medium has before. Despite the free and openness of the Internet, the majority of the western world, businesses included, tend to stay within one company’s sphere.

No Internet? No problem for Google Docs

Google is arguably the most popular technical company, it’s the main search engine for nearly every netizen, and Google Chrome is quickly becoming the most popular Internet browser and Google Drive is a viable cloud storage solution. The only downside to Google’s products is that they’re based on Internet connectivity.

Penguin marches in, changes Google ranks

One of the most popular things to do on Google is to search for yourself or your company, hoping to find your business on the top page. You may have noticed that recently, your result has dipped a few results, or, may have even risen. This happens because of an algorithm written by Google which ranks your page and this algorithm was recently upgraded with some interesting results.

Course helps you master Google Search

There’s so much information on the Web, scattered across a nearly uncountable amount of websites, it’s nearly impossible to find anything without the use of a Search Engine like Google Search. It’s safe to say that anyone who has used the Internet more than a couple of times is comfortable with the idea of using Google to search for something, but, they could use a little help refining their search technique.

3 impressive announcements by Google

Google is a company that’s good at raising the eyebrows of users and critics alike. Recently, they hosted their annual I/O conference, where Google’s many divisions get together and introduce new products and services. This year they made some interesting announcements that have fans drooling, while leaving competitors looking a little less so.

Looking for business apps for Chrome?

One of the integral pieces of software of the modern computer is the Web browser. While there are a number of browsers available to download, Google Chrome is one of the most popular. One of the reasons it’s so popular is because users have the ability to install apps that bring better functionality, especially for businesses, to Chrome.

Apps add some functionality to Chrome

Google has some great software that businesses have been adopting in droves. One of the most popular pieces of software is their Internet browser – Google Chrome. Chrome is a sleek and simple browser with basic functionality when it’s first installed, but for your business to really get the most out of it, you need to install apps.