How to find file size on Windows 8

Windows_March14_CThe operating system (OS) is an integral part of modern computers, phones and a good deal of other technology. The most popular OS is Microsoft’s Windows, which has become the mainstay of businesses around the world. Last year, Windows 8 was released and with it came a drastic change to the ‘Windows’ system.

Windows 8 makes BYOD easier

Technology is always changing, improving or adapting and companies, especially small businesses, have a hard time keeping up with the changes which can be quite costly. One solution to this is to allow employees the option of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to help with their job.

Microsoft details Windows 8 upgrade cost

One of the most highly anticipated software releases of 2012 is Windows 8, Microsoft’s new operating system. It promises to bring about a massive change in the way people use computers. Understandably, more than a few companies and users are excited for the release, however, until now, they had no idea how much it would cost to upgrade both the OS and their servers.

Don’t Call IT, Try These Windows 7 Tips

When we hear the word “Windows” many of us don’t think of the pieces of glass separating us from the outside world, we think of the Operating System. Windows has become the main OS for people and business alike, with many adopting or upgrading to Windows 7. As with all programs, there are times when it decides to take a short holiday and stops working, what do you do then?

It can be extremely frustrating when you are working on an important document, Windows 7 stops working and you’re forced to reboot.

Microsoft Windows 8 Customer Preview and Your Business

On February 29, 2012 Microsoft will launch a Customer Preview of its new Operating System, Windows 8. The Customer Preview, commonly called a Beta, is a pre-release product aimed to let Windows users test and learn the operating system before the release of the retail version, scheduled for late 2012. The OS has been driving lots of interest and businesses are eager to get their hands it.