Managing your Windows Phone with Files

Managing your Windows Phone with Files

If you are like many other business owners or managers there is a good chance you have a clean and organized file and folder system on your computer. This is great, but what about your mobile device? It can be hard to keep your files and folders organized on mobile devices, especially on a Windows Phone.

Looking at Surface Pro 3

Looking at Surface Pro 3

For the majority of its history, Microsoft has been largely software oriented. Over the past few years however, the company has been branching out and producing hardware as well. One of the shining examples of this is the Surface tablet. While the previous versions of Surface have been met with mixed reviews, Microsoft is ready to try again and has recently announced the launch of Surface Pro 3.

About the Surface Pro 3 tablet

Officially announced on May 20, this newest version of Surface brings about a number of changes to the platform.

You and your Windows Phone 8.1

You and your Windows Phone 8.1

The new Windows Phone 8.1 is all about you. Whether you are in business, an IT professional, or just looking for a personal phone, this smartphone could fit your needs as it has fully personalized features. With the new Windows Phone 8.1, the way you run your business and the way you view technology could change and certainly for the better.

Why your business needs a Windows Phone

WindowsPhone_Mar10_CAre you looking for the best mobile platform for your business? While there are several mobile phones in the market, nothing can compare to the Windows Phone platform and the features that it can offer your business. Not only is it stable and trusted, but it’s also a very intuitive platform that you can easily manage to get things going for your business.

Cool features of the Windows Phone 8

WindowsPhone_Feb10_CMicrosoft’s series of proprietary mobile operating systems picked up momentum in the market, after the release of Windows Phone 8 in 2012. As a Windows OS, it features the same design language as its predecessor – Windows Phone 7. Now, just over a year on, the platform is starting to get into its stride, especially when it comes to features.

How to use Speech on Windows Phone

WindowsPhone_Jan13_CThere are many futuristic features on the modern smartphone that allow users to interact with their phones in different ways. One such feature is the ability to interact by simply using your voice. This feature is available on all three of the major mobile operating systems, including Windows Phone.

Microsoft Surface 2.0 introduced

WindowsPhone_Oct21_CThe tablet has taken off in a big way. Almost every device manufacturer has one, and many business users are integrating it into their daily activities. Last year, Microsoft took a stab at their own tablet and released the Surface and Surface Pro. While a brilliant idea – who doesn’t want a tablet that can run Windows programs?– the devices fell a bit short of the mark.

5 free social apps for WP

WindowsPhone_Aug26_CA popular reason why many people have smartphones is to be able to check their social media profiles while on the go. While the major OSs offer some great social media apps, Windows Phone can often come across as a bit lacking. Sure, there are versions of the most popular services, but it may not seem like much else.

Windows Phone update GDR2 released

WindowsPhone_July29_COk, we admit it, Windows Phones are not as popular as other systems like Android or Apple’s iOS. But, that doesn’t mean the system is no good. In fact, Windows Phone 8, launched in 2012, is a great system. In order to keep it that way, and improve on it, Microsoft has been releasing small updates, the latest of which has just been implemented.