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Technology solutions that make sense for your business

Running a small business is challenging. You have to stay focused on everything – from HR to payroll, from client satisfaction to business development. You’ve got it all under control … everything except the technology you need to make all that happen. That’s why we’re here.

Since 2001, MySherpa has given business owners the support they need – whether it’s a full IT department or a dedicated team of specialists. Our plans are service-rich and cost-conscious. MySherpa helps business owners with minimal or no IT staff get the service they need with the right price for their business. Looking to control your costs while still getting the most of your technology? Let us show you how.

Client Testimonials

  • “You have carried the (greater than originally anticipated) weight of this project in a manner befitting the word Sherpa. From my first meeting, I understood the MySherpa concept, brand and imagery. Now, thanks to you, I understand the value proposition that brand represents. It was an absolute pleasure to be in your company as we navigated our way through our challenging and timely needs. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

    Business Problem: Server Refresh and Disaster Prevention
    MySherpa Solution: Server Refresh Project and Beacon Disaster Prevention
    Client’s Industry: Non-Profit

    Rob Eppes, President
    Junior Achievement of Delaware
    Wilmington, DE
  • “Your team at MySherpa is AWESOME and a pleasure to work with! Thank you all so much!!! It really makes our work days so much better when we know we have support behind us like you all! Thank you – thank you – thank you!”

    Business Problem: Office Relocation
    MySherpa Solution: Project Management
    Client’s Industry: Legal

    Kathie Nordman, Practice Manager
    Erickson Immigration
    Arlington, VA
  • “Prior to MySherpa, our company had experienced many costly, time consuming bad experiences with IT service providers. MySherpa quickly fixed all our problems with appropriate solutions. And since MySherpa has taken over, any issues we have are minor.”

    Business Problem: Failed Server Implementation, Services Not Properly Operational
    MySherpa Solution: Corrected Server Implementation Problems
    Client’s Industry: Disinfectants

    David St. Clair, Chairman
    Halosil International, LLC
    New Castle, DE