Client Testimonials

  • “The peace of mind gained surrounding our IT demands/resources is immense. Having someone carry that IT load for us; pro-actively identify and address our various IT needs; do it timely and well; and essentially have our back so we can focus on our business is of the utmost value.”

    Business Problem: Outgrown Service Provider
    MySherpa Solution: Everest Sherpa Care
    Client’s Industry: Corporation Services

    Ruth Lavelle, Managing Director

  • “I hired MySherpa based on what I saw while working at Kelleher & Laffey. I had the benefit of almost working with all of you before I decided to hire the company.
    The level of service. You guys now there is a problem before I do and then are on the ball right away to fix it. The service is personal. You get to know who you are working with and that is always nice.”

    Business Problem: Starting up a new law office. Installing a new network, cloud document management, Hosted Exchange email, networked printers, network security.
    MySherpa Solution: Project Services with Alps Sherpa Care managed services
    Client’s Industry: Law Firm, Family Practice

    Shauna Hagan
    The Law Office of Shauna T. Hagan, LLC
    1907 Delaware Avenue
    Wilmington, DE 19806
    Phone: (302) 298-0030
    Fax: (302) 513-9163

  • “You have carried the (greater than originally anticipated) weight of this project in a manner befitting the word Sherpa. From my first meeting, I understood the MySherpa concept, brand and imagery. Now, thanks to you, I understand the value proposition that brand represents. It was an absolute pleasure to be in your company as we navigated our way through our challenging and timely needs. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

    Business Problem: Server Refresh and Disaster Prevention
    MySherpa Solution: Server Refresh Project and Beacon Disaster Prevention
    Client’s Industry: Non-Profit

    Rob Eppes, President
    Junior Achievement of Delaware
    Wilmington, DE
  • “Your team at MySherpa is AWESOME and a pleasure to work with! Thank you all so much!!! It really makes our work days so much better when we know we have support behind us like you all! Thank you – thank you – thank you!”

    Business Problem: Office Relocation
    MySherpa Solution: Project Management
    Client’s Industry: Legal

    Kathie Nordman, Practice Manager
    Erickson Immigration
    Arlington, VA
  • “Prior to MySherpa, our company had experienced many costly, time consuming bad experiences with IT service providers. MySherpa quickly fixed all our problems with appropriate solutions. And since MySherpa has taken over, any issues we have are minor.”

    Business Problem: Failed Server Implementation, Services Not Properly Operational
    MySherpa Solution: Corrected Server Implementation Problems
    Client’s Industry: Disinfectants

    David St. Clair, Chairman
    Halosil International, LLC
    New Castle, DE
  • “THANKS for taking care of this so quickly. Elizabeth just stopped in my office and gave you a glowing compliment saying how awesome the Sherpa is! You went through a lot figuring that copier mess out, and she really appreciated it! You always go the extra mile and we luv you for it! :)”

    Business Problem: Server Response Times
    MySherpa Solution: Everest Sherpa Care
    Client’s Industry: Non-Profit

    Sharese Alston, Manager, Interactive Programs
    Produce for Better Health Foundation
    Hockessin, DE
  • “High kudo’s to MySherpa for the proactive heads up on detecting the failing HD and the quick solution / response. Keep this up and we are going to get spoiled!”

    Business Problem: Viruses and Malware Hurting Productivity
    MySherpa Solution: Safe & Secure Managed Security
    Client’s Industry: Fire Company

    Kevin Hawkins, Member
    Christiana Fire Company
    Christiana, DE
  • “We’ve partnered with MySherpa for over 5 years now and it’s such a great feeling knowing we have MySherpa at our finger tips so our office workers are never left stranded.”

    Business Problem: Issues With Line of Business Software and 3rd Party Vendor
    MySherpa Solution: Researched and Found New Vendor to Implement Changes
    Client’s Industry: Manufacturing

    Karen Driscoll, Business Manager
    Ox Paper Tube & Core
    Hanover, PA
  • “MySherpa® provides prompt response to our needs and questions. They have kept our network running smoothly.”

    Business Problem: Sewer Billing System Backup and Computer Management
    MySherpa Solution: Backtrack Backup and Disaster Prevention
    Client’s Industry: Government – Township

    Jane Laslo, Township Manager
    East Marlborough Township
    Kennett Square, PA
  • “Our business model is extremely dependent on computerized systems. MySherpa® has taken a proactive approach to managing our systems. We are extremely satisfied with their work.”

    Business Problem: Administration and Upkeep of CPA Software
    MySherpa Solution: Everest Sherpa Care: Managed Computer Services
    Client’s Industry: Public Accounting

    David Wolfenden, Principal
    Wheeler, Wolfenden & Dwares
    Hockessin, DE
  • “We are a growing 30 person financial services firm and have been working with MySherpa® since 2010. Whether it is assisting with setting up new employees, helping with setting up new computers, or handling IT issues, MySherpa® has things covered. They are not only responsive to issues that come up, but pro-active in
    that they have at times been able to let us know there’s an IT issue even before we do. The experience that we have had with them has been very good and we recommend MySherpa to others. Speaking of talent, your team has continued to be great on ALL fronts. They are fast and always very helpful. Press on!”

    Business Problem: Spin-Out From Parent Company
    MySherpa Solution: New Office Technology Project Management and Day 1 Support
    Client’s Industry: Financial Advisors

    Douglas R. MacGray, Principal
    Compass-Ion Advisors, LLC
    West Conshohocken, PA
  • “Our firm was introduced to team MySherpa in the middle of a very hurried transition in the life of our firm. Their team performed above and beyond the call of duty to seamlessly handle all our needs for technology setup on both the hardware and software. Most importantly they anticipated needs we could have never determined on our own. We are grateful to have realized that what they do could not be replicated with our own resources internally.”

    Business Problem: Spin-Out From Parent Company
    MySherpa Solution: New Office Technology Project Management and Day 1 Support
    Client’s Industry: Financial Advisors

    Matthew Kane, Managing Partner
    Compass Ion Advisors, LLC
    West Conshohocken, PA
  • “Most of the time you only get emails when someone has something to complain about and, in my experience, you do not get them when someone does a great job or goes beyond what might be expected of them. Anything that could have gone wrong yesterday went wrong. Your team did an amazing job getting us up and running under the strictest 5:00 dinner rush deadline. Team MySherpa’s did a great job getting our point of sale issues resolved.”

    Business Problem: Point of Sale Reliability
    MySherpa Solution: Vendor Management and Technology Refresh
    Client’s Industry: Hospitality

    Helene Kolenko, Controller
    Penn Oaks Golf Club
    West Chester, PA
  • “Having MySherpa® is great! I can call on you for any little thing. It’s wonderful, it really is. You said up front that you were responsive and this is not lip service. Our every need gets taken care of, usually that same day; no waiting like before. It is so great what you can do remotely versus waiting for someone on-site.”

    Business Problem: Reliability of Electronic Health Records (EHR) System
    MySherpa Solution: MySherpa® Certified Network Implementation
    Client’s Industry: Healthcare

    Leah Van Sant, Practice Administrator
    Hanover Pediatric Associates, P.C.
    Hanover, PA
  • “You are always there when we need you.”

    Business Problem: Needed Systems Administration
    MySherpa Solution: MySherpa® Alps Care
    Client’s Industry: Public Accounting

    Chuck Vincelette, Partner
    Sparano, Vincelette & Villano
    Wilmington, DE
  • “I received exceptional service from MySherpa® yesterday. You not only fixed the error that I was currently experiencing, but you also resolved an issue that’s been ongoing with our Payroll Vendor. I haven’t been able to run the OSHA reports on our vendor’s system and your fix yesterday opened the proper channels so
    that I can now, once again, print OSHA reports. Your service is awesome. Please pass this on to whomever you feel should read my compliments.”

    Business Problem: Compliance Reporting
    MySherpa Solution: MySherpa® Helpdesk
    Client’s Industry: Truck Leasing

    Michelle Haenggi, Human Resources Manager
    Bentley Truck Services, Inc.
    Swedesboro, NJ
  • “You and your team are a delight to work with! Thanks for working with us.”

    Business Problem: Network Administration
    MySherpa Solution: Dedicated Network Administrator
    Client’s Industry: Non-Profit

    Sarah Willoughby, Executive Director
    Greater Wilmington Convention & Visitors Bureau
    Wilmington, DE
  • “The Skype project is moving ahead better than expected. The troops are happy with it and seem to like it better than their cell phones. Voice quality is better with only one item to carry. Some actually find it easier to use than the cell.”

    Business Problem: High Cell Phone Bills
    MySherpa Solution: Skype Telephony for Drivers
    Client’s Industry: Transportation

    Bob Syme, Operations Manager
    Delaware Express Shuttle and Tour
    Newark, DE
  • “Thank you, for the unending support we received while implementing our new print centers project. What was scheduled for a few hours, turned into 3 full days of support. I recognize the time investment this unexpected issue caused. But that’s nothing new, that’s just the kind of service that we receive from MySherpa every time. Thank you and I wish you many more years of success!”

    Business Problem: New Print Centers Project
    MySherpa Solution: 3rd Party Vendor Administration
    Client’s Industry: Construction

    Carol Cole, Executive Assistant
    Nickle Electrical Companies
    Newark, DE