Dispatch from the Head Sherpa.

Dispatch from the Head Sherpa.

This is not a boilerplate email that you probably have received from businesses across the globe. This is a letter about you. We see you. We share your pain for the losses and disruptions over the past months due to COVID-19. We understand the despair and anger you must be feeling, the distressing business decisions you must make that were not in your strategy for 2020.

Together, we will pull through these tough times and come out stronger in the end. Your continued success means the world to us and we care deeply. Know that your Sherpas are here to support you in good times and bad. Your kind accolades in surveys and unsolicited emails make the challenges we face together more than worth the effort and motivate us daily.

I want to take a moment to thank my Sherpas for leaning into our core values of integrity, care, adeptness, resilience, and enthusiasm. Working from home especially tests our integrity and resilience. My staff is a shining example of these core values and our excellent service metrics (KPIs) are the proof.

To close, may I suggest taking a moment to recall all the positive things in your life? I am grateful for my wife, who manages our household, keeping us safe and nourished. I’m grateful for my staff who work tirelessly to ensure nothing impedes your success. I’m happy that my 8th-grade daughter pours her energy into distance learning and is well prepared to be a freshman in high school.

Truth in advertising, my picture in this dispatch is a bit out of date. My hair is growing long and in need of a cut. I’m looking forward to trimming off the gray with the next hair appointment or whenever the shears we ordered from Amazon arrive, whichever comes first.

Stay safe and positive. Before you know, we will be on the other side of this contagion, looking back at how we are stronger as a nation united.


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