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At MySherpa, when it comes to next year’s tax season, we know the best defense is a good offense. That’s why we are here to help you start planning now for next season’s tax storm.  Just like you know the deduction that save your clients money, we know the solutions to get the most out of your business technology. Don’t wait until something goes wrong in the middle of tax season – prepare yourself now and let a Sherpa be your guide. Contact us now for your FREE Hidden Profit Audit – a customized report to find all the savings your business should be enjoying. Plus, you’ll get our extra special gift just for filling out our form. By partnering with MySherpa for all of your CPA technology needs, you will:
  • Get the right software and equipment to handle your business – without being oversold
  • Let our preventive maintenance protect your system – we’ll catch issues before they leave you stranded
  • Make more money – and stop spending on computer emergencies!
As the CPA technology guide, we have deep knowledge in the following areas:
  • Thompson Accounting CS, Engagement CS, Filecabinet CS, Fixed Assets CS, Practice CS, Trial Balance CS
  • CCH ProSystem fx, Document fx, Engagement fx, Fixed Assets fx, Management fx, Portal fx, Practice fx, Tax fx, Workstream
  • PPC E-Tools, E-Forms, Fixed Assets, Quickfinder
  • BNA, TValue and more!
Now is the time for you to evaluate your systems and software – and we can help you do it. Get your technology A-team in line before it’s too late and contact MySherpa today! Simply fill out the form below to get started.

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