The time is now.

Without Microsoft's support, using discontinued products puts you at risk for hackers, system disruptions, lost productivity and costly remedies. Affected are:

  • Microsoft Office 2003
  • Windows XP
  • Server 2003

Unsure which versions you are using or what plan of action to take? Fill out the contact form (at right) and our Sherpas will put you on the right path to protect what you have invested in your office technology.

Ways that MySherpa can help:

  • Upgrade from XP to Windows 7
  • Migrate old programs / apps to new hardware and Windows 7
  • Refresh computers – Included with Everest Sherpa Care!

Don't get HACKED. Avoid system FAILURES. The time is NOW.

Fill out the contact form, at right, and let our technology Sherpas guide you.

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