Information technology has transformed the world of health care, putting patient records, disease research and pharmaceutical data at your fingertips. Your business is dependent on IT for efficiency and compliance, but you don’t necessarily want to think about it nor deal with it if it is compromised or malfunctions. That is where MySherpa becomes a valuable partner.

Downtime from a crashed network can shatter productivity, costing your practice time and money. A loss of data due to a virus, natural disaster or theft can be even more detrimental. MySherpa troubleshoots routine network issues, develops processes to disaster-proof your business and helps you plan for technology upgrades, while you focus on what makes your health care practice viable.

With Sherpa Care, you get MySherpa’s IT support tailored to your specific needs, when you need it, either as your sole resource for IT managed services or complementary support for your in-house IT staff:

  • Electronic protected health information (EPHI)
  • HIPAA security audit
  • Data backup and enterprise-wide disaster recovery
  • Protection from security breaches
  • Managed services and support help desks
  • Cloud computing
  • Hardware solutions
  • VoIP solutions
  • Vendor management
  • Email and spam protection

MySherpa Supports


As an award-winning provider of managed services, we provide the technology and expertise to ensure your business technology keeps running so you don’t have to give it a second thought.