Sherpa Technical Coordinator

The Sherpa technical coordinator is the glue that holds the service process together. This employee monitors the service board and makes sure that tickets are getting addressed in a quick and timely fashion. In addition, this person makes sure that the clients know when their problems will be worked on. Finally this position will let management know of any potential client service issues.

Duties include the following:

Conduct daily phone review of Service Board with VP Operations to identify potential major issues or roadblocks to problem resolutions.

Service Board:

  • Make sure that tickets have been assigned.
  • Monitor the service board for new tickets.
  • Be on the lookout for stale/missed tickets by reviewing the Service Boards daily.
  • Make sure that there are no urgent tickets that have not been addressed. If there is a stale ticket, find out what needs to be done and assign the correct resource to finish the ticket.
  • If an urgent ticket is in the system and no response seems to have been made, contact the client and let the client know we are aware of the problem and will get a Sherpa working on a solution immediately.

Act as a liaison with clients:

  • Inform the clients of when a technician is scheduled to work on their issue, if a ticket was submitted via our automated systems.
  • Follow up with client to get any more details if the problem is not adequately described.
  • Notify management if clients seem upset or need special attention.

Assigning Tickets:

  • Assign the resource best able to handle the ticket.
  • Attach any applicable configurations, or service templates.
  • Put any helpful information in the internal notes.


  • Look at everybody’s calendar and touch base with people who do not have anything on their calendar. If a technician has nothing on the calendar but has work to do, schedule time in ConnectWise so that calendars are up to date. Schedule Sherpa’s for future work. Make people Green on the dispatch portal.
  • Make sure not to overbook and adjust schedules as necessary.
  • Have 5 min calls with each tech each morning to make sure everybody is on same page.

Help Desk:

  • Answer phones for MySherpa Helpdesk.
  • Provide first level support on tickets.
  • Work on tickets that come into the system via email or the portal.

Procurement Management:

  • As part of the scheduling coordinator, it is necessary to have a hand on the procurement process.
  • Make sure that all items are ordered / tracked and delivered in a timely fashion.
  • Provide backup to the ordering process if necessary.

Oversee product resale and inventory. Make sure that techs are keeping their trunk stock full and going back to the office on a regular basis. Also make sure that if product was used, that the product is on the ticket.

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