Summit Sherpa – Sales Representative

The sales representative is engaged in phone prospecting, pre-qualifying, disqualifying leads and scheduling initial discovery meetings for the business owner. The position will phase into an outside sales role, responsible for the prospecting, conducting discovery meetings to qualify prospects and presenting recommendations for computer and network support services to small to mid-size companies and not-for-profits in the metropolitan Wilmington Delaware area. This usually consists of uncovering needs with business owners and CFO’s of companies with 20-75 desktops that are headquartered in the designated area. Target markets include healthcare, financial services, builders and contractors, non-profits, and quasi-governmental agencies. The focus is on identifying areas where the business owner/CFO are unhappy with computer/network performance, lack confidence or dissatisfied with a current service provider, or where growth of the company has exceeded current competency of their provider or of internal support.

The successful sales representative will have a history of prospecting for new business from cold calling, warm leads and referrals and closing business with “short” sales cycles (1-2 months) of services which averaged $10,000 - $45,000. The sales representative will finish 2011 with a minimum of fifteen new clients of from which a minimum of $130,000 revenue is recognized in 2011. They will have a qualified pipeline going into 2012 to generate a minimum of $300,000 in new sales development.

Key Performance Indicators

The best sales representatives are good at dealing with rejection and are able to manage their time, which is evident by their daily activities. They are able to effectively question and uncover need and are able to walk away from unqualified prospects and move on to real opportunities.

Successful sales representatives are able to apply their knowledge of the technology service industry and the importance of reliable support to solve their problem.
They are considered a “pillar in the community”, known for their abundance mentality approach to business relationships.

When they present their solution, they focus on the customer problem versus the features and benefits of the service. They have great personal presence and the discipline to following a repeatable process with a history of consistent and reliable pipelines.

Customers freely share their satisfaction with the level of support and follow-through they received from the successful candidate.

The sales representative is comfortable selling to high-level management and has a strong desire to earn through a performance-based situation. They have a history of exceeding quotas.

Healthcare coverage, long and short term disability, the opportunity to save for the future through a matching 401k, and a quest for continuous improvement through tuition reimbursement training may be important factors in working for our company.

Duties include the following:

Phase one – Internal Phone Prospect and Lead Building

  • * Develop a prospecting/sales plan that will result in achieving their first year revenue goals and healthy pipeline for 2011 business. A suitable prospecting plan would y include cold and warm phone calls, network events, letters, email, mailings, tradeshows, business conferences, referrals and working a center of influence.
  • * Prospect for computer and network support opportunities in healthcare, financial services, builders and contractors, non-profits, and quasi-governmental agencies.
  • * Understand what a good fit customer looks like, what the capabilities and limitations are of MySherpa®, and manage customer expectations to them.
  • * Cold/warm call prospective clients and set discovery appointments.
  • * Pre-qualify prospects according to MySherpa’s® pain, budget, and decision-making process.
  • * Schedule discovery appointments between the prospect and the business owner.

Phase two - Outside Sales Representative

  • Review prospect’s technology survey results and utilize to further establish need in the discovery call.
  • Schedule and conduct discovery calls with prospects to qualify/disqualify.
  • Present services to qualified clients, typically in person.
  • When appropriate, sell service need evaluations as the initial engagement, with a clear agreement of a future support agreement based on evaluation results.
  • Effectively demonstrate MySherpa® tools and processes as part of the recommended solution.
  • Manage the sales process from prospecting through close, with a clear understanding of where they are in the process and a clear next step.
  • Organize and lead meetings between new clients and MySherpa® team after the sale to ensure clarity of scope and to effective transition.
  • Effectively and professionally represent MySherpa® at networking events, conferences and trade shows several times a year attended by the target market.
  • Utilize existing and newly established business relationships to build network for referrals, add-on business opportunities.
  • Build, maintain, and document all sales activities in ConnectWise software and daily/weekly “cookbook” of activities.
  • Prepare for and participate in status meetings with management.
  • Be able to communicate effectively both formally and informally amongst team, prospective clients, and clients.
  • Participate in educational meetings on product development, updates, and offering.
  • Work with MySherpa® management team to improve sales presentation and selling process.
  • Consistently meets productivity metrics mutually agreed upon with management team.
  • Day travel required.

Education Background Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, psychology or technology preferred.
  • Personal Attributes
  • Integrity, good judgment, ethical, personal presence, business acumen.

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