ING makes your online banking even safer!

Wilmington bank ING Direct has long been in the forefront in electronic banking and securities. And to add to their incredible line of products, they are now offering an extra layer of protection to online transactions - the TRUSTEERTM software, Rapport. Trusteer's revolutionary software sets the standard in controlling the security of your electronic transactions. It's layering protection works with your security suite, not against it. And because Rapport's high security filters are set by your bank, you know that it's met the standards for protecting your transaction. And best of all? ING is making it available to you totally free.

How does it work? Simply put, Rapport adds extra security layers between your computer and ING - it gives you a layer of protection against online phishing scams and malware programs stealing your information. It's easy to use and easy to install - what better way to get piece of mind about your online banking transactions, than that?

Curious about how that works? According to Trusteer, Rapport "is very different from other Internet Security suites. An Internet Security suite consists of databases of malicious software and hostile websites which it uses to detect and remove threats from your computer. Internet Security suites' vendors constantly look for new malicious software and hostile websites in order to update their databases. Rapport uses a completely different technology. It can tell when you are accessing your bank's website and can also tell when you are executing transactions, submitting login information, and reading sensitive bank statements. During that time Rapport applies access control layers around your sensitive information and prevents malicious software and hostile websites from accessing or tampering with your sensitive information and transactions. An unauthorized access attempt, such as an attempt to read your password, or alter your transactions, is immediately blocked. Rapport's access control policies are set by your bank. Banks that work with Trusteer build and maintain policies that define which information is sensitive and which operations on this information should be restricted. Unlike Internet Security Suites, Rapport does not need to maintain a database of malicious software and websites and can therefore block new threats and "under the radar" threats which Internet Security suites are not yet aware of."

A terrific and free way to add to peace of mind to your online financial transaction. For more information, or to make your online banking safer now, click here.

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