Dispatch from the Head Sherpa

Smartphones and Privacy Issues
We have all heard about checking and our privacy settings on various social media sites and outlets – but even if you do these things, do you realize that the metadata (embedded) data in the pictures that your phone takes could put you at risk for disclosing personal locations, such as home address, daycares/schools and favorite places to hang out?

Many applications that we use daily are based on upon geotagging, or embedded location information – it tells our devices how close or far we are to the things we are looking for.

Dispatch from the Head Sherpa

As Fall approaches, we here at MySherpa are getting ready for projects and technology refreshes, particularly for clients who are preparing 2012 budgets. This is one of our busiest times – clients are back at work, evaluating budget concerns and making lists of their “must have” technology and software updates for the next year.

Superstars in Business 2011

It's that time of year again; when the best of businesses are recognized through the Marvin S. Gilman Superstars in Business Award. The Superstars in Business Award is named for one of Delaware's leading small business entrepreneurs, and it honors businesses and non-profit corporations for their incredible achievements and fearless approaches to business and management.

The Truest Guide

During this time of economic uncertainty, MySherpa has remained by our clients’ side in the truest sense.  We have maintained our flexibility and have used latest technology to prolong usability and of aging equipment.  We have maintained older servers protected by our Beacon™ technology with standby server capability.

Dispatch from the Head Sherpa

Moving at the speed of summer!
The first part of this year has already flown by so fast – now we’re entering prime sun time and the Sherpas are busier than ever! I know you’re already out the door to somewhere fun, so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Dispatch from the Head Sherpa

Will you #BeHere? Delaware Leads the Nation in Geo-Mapping Social Media Project

As small and medium businesses enter into electronic marketing arena, they face new challenges unlike any seen before in traditional marketing outlets. Applications, live maps, social media shout-outs all carry great weight to those users "in the know" - but how does a business get recognition and tap into this audience? How do they get people in the door?

Enter #BeHere Wilmington - an ambitious geo-locating project that aims for Wilmington to be the first city in the country to have 100% of the downtown street-level businesses added to mobile applications like Foursquare, Facebook Places, Gowalla, and Google Places.

Dispatch from the Head Sherpa

MySherpa helps Light up the Queen

MySherpa® is pleased to be a part of the Light up the Queen efforts - we've pledged to offer our assistance not only in much-needed financial support to the Light Up the Queen Foundation, but by committing to help build a musician's co-op designed to assist local artists in developing business acumen and marketing plans.

US Air… Decidedly un-American

There are three things that make for a good (or in this case, bad) airline experience: attitude, equipment and amenities. In my opinion, being American means having a can-do attitude. It means having the best equipment for the job and being prepared. It also means offering amenities as a way of acknowledging “We’re all in this together!” Or better yet, “Thank you for your business!”