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MySherpa helps Light up the Queen

MySherpa® is pleased to be a part of the Light up the Queen efforts - we've pledged to offer our assistance not only in much-needed financial support to the Light Up the Queen Foundation, but by committing to help build a musician's co-op designed to assist local artists in developing business acumen and marketing plans.

We believe the effort to revitalize downtown Wilmington is a worth-while and long-term project, one that will generate the zeal and fervor befitting the new generation of businesspeople, artists, and the good people who live, work in, and love this city like we do.

Approximately 150,000 guests are projected to visit the Queen each year, and they're going to eat and shop when they are done (tourism revenue!)  Some additional facts:

  • Creation of 125 permanent jobs, with the potential for hundreds more.
  • Residents of Wilmington say
    • 58% think Wilmington closes at 5PM
    • 47% say Wilmington lacks great nightlife
    • 41% say Wilmington lacks many special events
    • 40% say Wilmington lacks hip, young entertainment options

(Economics Research Associates)

As 2011 unfolds before us, Wilmington Delaware can again lay claim to cultural and architectural renaissance - in the form of the newly renovated Queen Theatre, located downtown on Market Street. Originally built in 1917, the Queen was renowned for its vaudeville acts, movies and live shows throughout the first half of the 20th century. The Queen weathered her share of wars and local strife, before finally shutting her doors after a final film screening of Vincent Price in "The House on Haunted Hill" in 1959. She lay dormant, slowly becoming an eyesore to the downtown populous. And then, the Queen found a "Friend", in the form of Bill Taylor, the head of the new "Light up the Queen Foundation".

The Queen will boast a fabulous 400-seat main stage area, 180-seat second stage, a full kitchen (serving lunch and dinner) and a complete radio studio, Even better, these facilities are part of a relationship that nationally renowned radio show World Café and Philadelphia radio giant WXPN pioneered at their first community venture, World Café Live.

Why wouldn't you want to be part of this change?

We encourage you to visit the Queen for yourself - this fantastic venue opened on April 1st, and it's now ready for you to come experience new music, give your children arts and music opportunities, teach young artists how to run a business, and give everyone an opportunity to be part of the renaissance. We hope you will visit our links to the fine folks at Light up the Queen Foundation, and tell them you want to light up your life!



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