The Truest Guide

During this time of economic uncertainty, MySherpa has remained by our clients’ side in the truest sense.  We have maintained our flexibility and have used latest technology to prolong usability and of aging equipment.  We have maintained older servers protected by our Beacon™ technology with standby server capability.

And now that the economy is turning we are seeing increased client confidence return for projects.  When we help people get what they need in the short term, then everyone wins in the long term.

Other ways we have supported our clients:

• No price increases.
• Additional services at no additional cost.
• Cloud-based solutions to maximize cost-effectiveness
• New equipment “Value Engineered” to provide for maximum expansion and longevity on equipment.

Flexibility and trust are the key factors to outsourcing IT needs – and MySherpa has earned that over and over again for our clients – because we are your guide – listening to your ideas, getting them on paper and delivering them as a solution that fits your business perfectly.

So if you had a project you were thinking about doing but you’re not sure, just call us or email – we’d love to help you! We offer full-service consulting, from as little as one hour of talk time, to planning and execution of complex projects.


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