For those who want it, customer service is still king (and plenty want it)

The tech market is becoming segmented as more customers feel emboldened to opt for a DIY service model – and why not? It has become a breeze to install new applications on mobile devices, to wirelessly tether computers to smart phones, and, with little thought, to set up business e-mail on personal devices. Some view the technology landscape as having become a whole lot easier.

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet and speak with Jeremy Pease, VP of customer operations at While eclipses the size of MySherpa ( operates six geographically dispersed data centers in the U.S. and has annual sales exceeding $100MM), I found that our companies are not so different. Instead of sharing issues that were unique to his company, we talked about customer service. I was surprised to find out that his challenges were the same as mine at MySherpa. It was refreshing to hear Jeremy’s perspective on service and the changing landscape of customer expectations. Despite our company differences, we are both experiencing what seems to be the “new normal” in expectations for customer service.

There is clearly that segment of tech users who want to go it alone, without a trusty Sherpa by their side. Businesses are finding their own comfort levels in technology and the degrees of need are becoming more stratified, but the need for support is not diminished. The upper third of this vast, technology marketplace still want the best customer service the market has to offer, and that level of customer service is more specialized and able to handle complex technology needs. Providing this level of service is the principle on which MySherpa was built.

Jeremy explained that customer service is a key differentiator of, “the heart soul.” As more try to navigate the self-service world of Amazon Web Services and other competing hosting services, it becomes even more apparent that this is a complex world that is best left for trained specialists.

Yes, customer service is thriving at both and MySherpa because not everyone wants to navigate the cloud alone or use Amazon Web Services, yet some discover that the hard way. It turns out that the Google model of FAQs and online instructions aren’t for everyone. In fact, there is a huge need for customer service representatives who actually answer the phone and are knowledgeable enough to answer questions and resolve problems.

While some are willing to accept self-service in exchange for lower cost, there is still a huge throng of people who want true service partners, especially in the business world. To those who do, customer service is still king. They value customer service to get the results they want so they can deliver on their core business strengths, uninterrupted. MySherpa will continue to lead clients on sure footing to their business summit.

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