Google’s AI helper gets new features

As with any trade show or conference in which Google participated the last few years, the South by Southwest (SXSW) expo witnessed another unique exhibit. This time around, they set up a Google Assistant Fun House that features unique actions and capabilities, including a machine that allows you to order beer from your couch, a robot that can fold socks, and the following:
Voice-powered motive
You might think that the whole point of this spectacle is to show off their caliber as the world’s premier tech leader, but these geniuses actually have a plan brewing.

Google Updates Chrome with New Features

As both an internet user and a business owner, you need to know how to get the most out of your web browser. If you want to see Google as a business tool rather than a difficult inconvenience, read on.
Ad Blocking
Android users will be pleased to hear that the newly updated Google Chrome comes with an ad blocking feature.

Use Google Search like an expert!

Everyone is familiar with Google Search, and most of us use it every day to find the information we need. Ironically, very few people know how to make the most out of this search engine. Read on to use Google like a pro.

Include and exclude keywords
Google will understand most of the search terms you type into it.

Boost your job listings via Google!

Whether you’ve lost an employee or are looking to bring in extra help, you need to get your job listings posted on the right platform. If you’re not finding any luck with the process so far, Google for Jobs might be your four-leaf clover.
What is it?
Google for Jobs is a search feature that sorts and prominently displays job listings from career sites in Google Search.

Handy updates in Google’s website creator

Does your business rely on internal websites and “wikis”? If so, you might want to use Google Sites, a design platform that makes it easy for G Suite users to build their own sites without having to learn HTML, CSS, and other coding languages. It now has better features, which users will definitely find beneficial to their site projects.

End of support for Google Drive app

Google’s long-standing productivity suite, Google Drive app, is getting parked. No, this is not a joke and it comes as a surprise to us too. But what does this mean for users worldwide? Is this truly the end of this hugely popular business solution?

Google made an official announcement on its blog that support for Google Drive app will end come December 11th, 2017, and the app will shut down completely on March 12th, 2018. In fact, you’ll start seeing notifications from the app’s user interface come October.