Small Business doesn’t mean Small Security

If you’ve read the Wall Street Journal at all this year, you have seen more and more articles about hackers making a big play in the small and medium business (SMB) world – digging their way into point of sale (POS) systems at retailers and hijacking credit card data or stealing bank account login information and transferring your money to offshore accounts.

Industry experts are blaming lax security efforts, even in a time where in order to process credit cards, you must meet technical standards for secure processing. However, even the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, which helped establish the minimum technical specifications for all retailers using credit cards, admits that there is just about no way to enforce the standards.

As a business owner, what can you do against a faceless, nameless threat? The answer is simple – be vigilant! Constant vigilance has many faces – making strong passwords and changing them regularly; keeping secure files for any customer data, installing regular software and security updates. Yet, with every business owner I’ve ever met – they very rarely have time for this vigilance.

And this is where MySherpa excels.  We monitor the security systems in place and look for exceptions, things that don’t seem right.  If your systems are compromised, early detection and remedy is paramount.  It is much easier to resolve  out a problem in the early stages of an infection.  Once the malware gets ahold, it digs deep into the computer and roots itself; ready to deliver its deadly payload.  Since we have the unbeatable 30 minute response guarantee – you have the peace of mind that your urgent matters are attended to with the utmost priority and responsiveness.

Let’s face it – hackers are looking to exploit anything they can to get your information – don’t let them. You need a Sherpa at your side to monitor, manage and secure your business technology.

I would be happy to share more with you and confidentially address any sensitive questions you may have in person.


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