Equifax data breach and what you need to know.

Equifax is one of the three large credit bureaus in the United States. Financial institutions use credit bureau data to make credit decisions. On September 7th, Equifax announced that its systems were breached for 143 million Americans! This breach includes personally identifiable information such as Social Security numbers, birthdates, addresses, etc.

Save Big by Actively Managing your Vendor Contract Renewals

Remember when you signed up for that new, personal cell phone or a T1 data circuit for your business? There was probably a really good promotion that created compelling value to select that service. Fast-forward 24 months and, chances are, there could be an even better value awaiting you at renewal—but will you know?

Knowing when each contract expires and scheduling the renewal evaluation with ample time before your contract expires is the key to saving big.

Sherpa Sightings:

Base Camp recycles whatever we get our hands on – this time, it’s the boxes from a Windows XP refresh project.

Ronald McDonald House – Kenny’s cookin’ up a storm!

Ronald McDonald House dinner night – and if you aren’t cooking, you’re cleaning with Colin!

Head Sherpa and all around nice guy Greg gives TWICE the blood during his RBC donation at Delmarva Blood bank.

News from Base Camp

Hello Sherpa Fans,

We’re almost through with winter, and we here at Base Camp are eagerly anticipating the arrival of warm spring weather. But with spring also comes April 8th, the date that marks the end of support for Windows XP operating system and Microsoft Office 2003. Are you ready?

Wait – before you make the change to a new OS, double check that your printers or other peripherals have the ability to talk to a Windows 7 or 8 machine! You don’t want to invest in a great new computer, only to find out it doesn’t talk to your other technology anymore.

The Sherpa Holiday Feast!

Greg and Patricia, our fearless leaders.

Roberto and James smiling it up!

Jess H welcoming everyone in!

Jess G and Adrian ponder the quiz questions.

Andrea and Ethan – a quiz tour de force!

Dave wins the coveted Space Invaders cap.

Justin and Alex get cozy.

Happy New Year from Sherpa HQ

Hi Everyone!

Jess H here, stepping in to welcome you to 2014! Sorry it’s been so long since you last heard from us – we’ve been busy getting all of our great ideas and new plans in motion.

Windows XP replacement projects are going live (and doing great!). The Sherpas are busy testing and deploying lots of new and great technology products.