Meet Greg Gurev: Why MySherpa is a Great Place to Work.

Meet Greg Gurev: Why MySherpa is a Great Place to Work.

A Video Conversation with Greg Gurev, Head Sherpa of MySherpa- Why MySherpa is a Great Place to Work


Guiding businesses toward peak networking and cybersecurity performance

Greg Gurev is the founder and “Head Sherpa” of MySherpa, a provider of IT managed services in the Greater Philadelphia region. True to its name, MySherpa helps clients ascend to peak performance in networking and cybersecurity. The company serves business owners and IT leaders in industries such as law, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, and financial services.

OFFIT KURMAN: What sets MySherpa apart as a place to work?

GREG GUREV: People want to come to work for MySherpa because they want to be part of something that’s successful, they want to be part of something that’s bigger than themselves, but they also want to contribute. They have their trades, and skills, and their motivation and drive, and they want to be able to apply those things in a manner that makes an impact and can move an organization forward. That’s why it’s a great place to work. We’re big enough that we have some really cool challenges, technology-wise, with some larger clients; but we’re small enough where someone that has the right attitude and skill and traits can come in here and really make a big difference for our customer, as well as MySherpa as organization. And when you are a small company—or any sized company for that matter—leadership matters right, and so you want to grow leaders within the company, and so “Leaders Wanted.” If you have the skills and want to be a leader, we’re a great place to hang your hat, not to mention we’re a fun place to work with—a great environment and good people.

Why does security matter to you?

Security and compliance are obviously two things that are going to become more and more important. People, to date, have been kind of resigned in wanting to spend money and invest in it. They see it as another cost center, but I think they’re also starting to realize that, “hey, it’s not going away—we’re going to have to make budgets for these things,” because at some point they’re not going to be able to keep their client base because their clients are going to demand more as far as: “What’s your business disaster recovery strategy? And show me your security plan and what you’re doing to make sure that our relationship and our data stays secure.” And these are requirements that are coming down from larger companies, down to the mid market, and back down to the smaller vendors.

And I think, too, many industries are putting more regulations in place. Otherwise, your business is not secure and you’re a risk to do business with. It’s hard enough out there to get new business, and if you’re not doing the right things, and being able to say you have all your I’s dotted and your T’s crossed and your boxes checked, and legitimately have invested the time, resources, and energy to do that, it’s going to be hard for you. You’re just not going to have the kinds of clients that you’d like to attract. We can see that as an opportunity to grow our marketplace, to engage in different markets and accounts, to add some additional services and staff and expertise, but it’s a process because it’s so new to everybody, you just don’t boot it up and fire and go; you have to learn, and try, and be measured in what you do. Otherwise, you’re probably going to have problems launching new things.


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