Meet Greg Gurev CEO of Mysherpa Why MySherpa Is Your Guide to IT Management.

Meet Greg Gurev CEO of Mysherpa Why MySherpa Is Your Guide to IT Management.

A Video Conversation with Greg Gurev, Head Sherpa of MySherpa- Why MySherpa Is Your Guide to IT Management


Guiding businesses toward peak networking and cybersecurity performance

Greg Gurev is the founder and “Head Sherpa” of MySherpa, a provider of IT managed services in the Greater Philadelphia region. True to its name, MySherpa helps clients ascend to peak performance in networking and cybersecurity. The company serves business owners and IT leaders in industries such as law, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, and financial services.

OFFIT KURMAN: What is your growth strategy?

GREG GUREV: We have 18 employees and we typically grow at about a 15% clip each year. A lot of that is because the types of accounts we attract and are attracted to are the ones that are growing. If a company is growing, that means they’re hiring new people, they’re adding equipment, they’re adding sophistication to their systems, they have the money to invest in new technology—those are all opportunities for us to maximize and run with. A lot of our growth actually is just natural growth, as my clients buy competition, they open up new offices in new regions; I mean, that’s the best kind of growth there is.

And then we do add a lot of new clients really mostly through word of mouth, and referrals, and being part of the community—and good samaritans in the community. People know us as go-getters; they know us as the people to go to. We try to help any organization. Be it in an official capacity or not, we want to make sure they get the right advice and that they’re on the right path. That is Boy Scout-like it is also very Sherpa-like. Even if you see climbers are struggling on the side of the mountain and they’re not part of your expedition, you still want to help them. If you see them going down the wrong path, you still want to make sure that you could lend a helping hand to them.

What about marketing?

When I think of marketing, I think of being top of mind. People are not always looking to change IT services, so we want them to think about us, we want them to know what we do, we want them to consult with us if they have questions. And then when there’s a time that maybe the way they are doing IT now or the businesses that are helping them let them down or leave something to be desired, they’ll pick up the phone and call us. We like getting those types of calls.

We also do marketing events here, in our office. Our goal is to have one event per month where we’ll partner with other companies that have interesting things to talk about. We had a LinkedIn professional talking about the power of LinkedIn—this person had written a book about it, an amazing read, a brilliant mind, and she made it real simple as to how to use LinkedIn to connect with other resources, and to promote your business and brand. And so as a result of that, we had a packed room, we had like 35 people in here for that, and we’re actually going to bring her back and pay her to help us more with our LinkedIn brand strategy.


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