Meet Greg Gurev: CEO and Head Sherpa of MySherpa.

Meet Greg Gurev: CEO and Head Sherpa of MySherpa.

A Video Conversation with Greg Gurev, Head Sherpa of MySherpa- Meet Greg Gurev


Guiding businesses toward peak networking and cybersecurity performance

Greg Gurev is the founder and “Head Sherpa” of MySherpa, a provider of IT managed services in the Greater Philadelphia region. True to its name, MySherpa helps clients ascend to peak performance in networking and cybersecurity. The company serves business owners and IT leaders in industries such as law, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, and financial services.

OFFIT KURMAN: Tell us about the philosophy behind the company.

GREG GUREV: We’re business technology guides for our clients, and we’re on a quest to help them reach peak success. We do that by managing their IT systems. That’s what being a Sherpa means. If you think of the best attorney you have ever witnessed in your firm, that’s a Sherpa attorney. We’re the best IT management firm our clients have witnessed, and that’s why they hire us.

What does peak success look like for your clients?

Peak success for our clients means that their systems are optimized, they’re protected, they’re secure, and that the employees that use those systems are empowered, meaning that if they’re at work, they’re at home, they are at clients, everything works and they have access to the data they need to be productive in their business. That’s what we do: we enable those things by fully managing their IT.

Where did the name “MySherpa” come from?

I have to give credit where credit is due. The MySherpa moniker comes from my wife, Patricia. When I was starting the business, prior to starting we were thinking of, like “tech-this and tech-that,” and she said, “You know, but that’s not really who we are, right? We’re more of guides and we’re more about leading people versus being a tech this or tech that.” So, we hopped on that bandwagon pretty early on. “MySherpa” really denotes that we are your guide and we are there in a true partnership. We want to truly be there to understand and be by your side, because it’s tough climbing Mt. Everest and it’s tough growing a business. And if you could have somebody that helps you avoid the pitfalls and the chasms, that’s nine-tenths of it right there—just watch where you’re stepping, here are some oopsy-daisies—and same thing in business: if you can have somebody by your side saying, “here, this is the right way to do it,” or “here are some choices, and they are all safe choices”—that helps a business leader feel confident where they’re heading, versus we’be seen other people not have that same level of efficacy and they end up spending their money in the wrong direction and they’re stuck. They don’t have any more money to climb any higher.


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