Is your IT Spring Checklist ready?

Just like cleaning house, a spring checklist can do you a world of good when it comes to best practices for your IT. When you take some time to regularly evaluate your equipment and usage, you’ll be fully prepared for any event that comes down the line. Here are the top four things you can do to give your technology a quick “spring cleaning”:

  1. Arm yourself with canned air or rag – give a gentle dusting to visible vents on laptop and desktop chassis. Clear out any dust or grime to allow the fans to cool better.
  2. Review your replace/refresh list for the year – make sure the list you made in 4Q12 is up to date with anything that needs your attention in 2013.
  3. Change your batteries in your wireless peripherals – do it at the same time every year, and you’ll never forget.
  4. Check your thermal equipment – if you have a server or data storage room onsite, now is the time to check your thermostats, cooling units, fans or any other thermal device that protects your equipment. Replace or clean it now, so you don’t have any emergencies when the temperature starts to rise outside.


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