Dispatch from the Head Sherpa

If you have been following our dispatches for 2013, you know that we’ve been covering a lot of ground in business technology – creating a wish list, budgeting for needed upgrades, even preparing for environmental factors and business continuity. However, we don’t want to lose focus on the driving factor for our technology – YOU, the user.

One of our passions as Sherpas is to help our clients understand and feel comfortable with the performance and features of their equipment. How can you make your business better if you’re not sure how to best use your technology? That’s what Sherpas do – and we’re proud to assist our clients in learning and experiencing the best of the technology around them.

As a business owner, you should always feel comfortable asking your IT providers to help you understand how everything works in your office and why. These kinds of proactive activities can really boost your relationship with your IT company – and you’ll feel more comfortable, knowing exactly how to use your technology investments to their greatest potential.

You can call or email us anytime to find out how a Sherpa can get you to peak performance.


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