The Future is Now!

Greg Gurev, Head Sherpa

Before I got into the technology business, I used to think of the “the future” as a projected time so far beyond my immediate reality that it seemed like a sci-fi movie. I would see this high-tech future in terms of outer space, like, “In the future, Explorer space probe will start sending high resolution photographs of Saturn’s rings.”  Or, “The next visible pass of Hale-Bopp comet will come in the year 4385.” It was always something way out of my reach or conceptual thought.

I felt the same way about computer technology.  The promise of a better, faster, smarter solution was always relegated to the future; artificial intelligence, speech recognition, wearable devices, etc.  But look around us – phones, laptops, tablets – they’re encompassing this technology right now. Technology has finally reached an important intersection where processing power, miniaturization, virtualization, and connectivity are all intersecting. I call this a Future Now state – and I think it’s one of the greatest achievements that we have reached, as a civilization.  My science fiction movie has crossed into real life, right before my eyes.

Late in 2011, I had the fortunate experience to see Daniel Burrus, eminent technology futurist, speak at a convention. I was stunned!  If you’re unfamiliar with Daniel’s work, then a must-read for you is his latest book, Flash Foresight. Daniel has spent many years accurately predicting technology trending, and this book makes it easy to understand the logic and steps he uses so you can correctly assess your own environment. What I found was my own ideas of evolving technology and its business application eerily echoed in his work – he sees how the future is approaching, faster than we ever thought. And this book helped me understand how to apply those approaching trends to my own business.

On that note, my new weekly blog will explore this Future Now phenomenon; I’ll be sharing some of my own examples how of how I’ve realized that Future Now is a predictable and vital part of your business. By realizing your own Future Now and learning how to apply it to your own business successfully, I hope to help you realize significant foresight and give you a considerable advantage to grow your business and free up your personal time.

I’m looking forward to this journey with you…best regards from the summit!


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