We Are All Connected – How Social Media is Finding Us Everyday.

This morning there was a power outage on the west side of town, where I live. It was just one of these random power outages where you don't think there's been an accident and the weather seems fine. But I heard all the fans and our alarm clock blip off and I knew exactly what happened.

I think one year ago, my reaction to this situation would have been: Get up, go look at cell phone for time, call work if I need to, and go out for coffee. Today, I reached for my cell phone and checked my twitter feed to see if anyone else was experiencing the problem. Next, I also used my cell phone to check the local power company's site to see any outages. Couldn't get it to load, so I turned on the mobile hotspot on my phone, hooked up my laptop and was able to look at news reports, Facebook postings, twitter updates and, finally, see the power company's website telling us we had no power.

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