Creating online communities for businesses

Gamers require an effective strategy to thwart the boss, athletes require constant updates on the latest tournaments to improve performance and businesses require an online community to fully thrive. As the saying goes: ‘What comes easy won’t last, and what lasts won’t come easy’. This is especially true when you embark on building an online community for your company.

Special Dispatch from the Head Sherpa!

This past month has been one of the most exciting in my career! This excitement is similar to when I started MySherpa® nine years ago which gave me some serious “keep you up at night” energy. October marks the month starting, “The Year of the Sherpa” which a self-proclaimed celebration of our clients, employees, partners and the growth and success of our business. We are excited to announce our relocation to a brand new office designed to accommodate our growth! Our new digs are located at 2060 Limestone Road which is near the intersection of Kirkwood Highway, next to the Wawa. Talk about a perk! Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO) has been very helpful making our transition from Pennsylvania to Delaware. I would encourage other businesses based outside of Delaware to consider relocating. The process to apply for aid is straightforward and the staff at DEDO are accessible, responsive and very pro-business. Please email me if you need a personal introduction. We are planning a ribbon cutting and we will also hold one or more open houses. Keep your eyes open for our invitation.

10 Tips to help with Employee Training Programs

In an ideal world, you’d be able to hire exceptionally talented, motivated and focused employees who would be able to craft their own educational experiences in order to further not only your business, but the employee themselves. This is not that ideal world, so it falls upon the shoulders of business owners to spend a little hard-earned cash to direct and craft educational experiences that benefit the business and also keep employees motivated and happy. If you’re thinking of implementing an employee training program, here are ten tips to getting it started. Remember, not all of these will apply to your industry, but they are guidelines to setting up a program that works for you.

We Are All Connected – How Social Media is Finding Us Everyday.

This morning there was a power outage on the west side of town, where I live. It was just one of these random power outages where you don’t think there’s been an accident and the weather seems fine. But I heard all the fans and our alarm clock blip off and I knew exactly what happened. I think one year ago, my reaction to this situation would have been: Get up, go look at cell phone for time, call work if I need to, and go out for coffee. Today, I reached for my cell phone and checked my twitter feed to see if anyone else was experiencing the problem. Next, I also used my cell phone to check the local power company’s site to see any outages. Couldn’t get it to load, so I turned on the mobile hotspot on my phone, hooked up my laptop and was able to look at news reports, Facebook postings, twitter updates and, finally, see the power company’s website telling us we had no power.

SMBs Key to Local Economic Recoveries… through Ads? August PF 2010

Small Business Paving the Road to Recovery The strength of American industry began with local businesses that thrived and grew to national levels. But during current economic struggles, it’s not the national or even international growth monsters that the American public looks toward for help in recovery. It’s the Small Business. You know them — they’re everywhere, from local coffee shops to print houses; from small technology firms to legal and tax advisors. It’s these local economy cornerstones that will ultimately assist in America’s recovery from rough roads. At least, that’s what Irving, CA, based ad-firm WebVisible is stating in their recently released Q2 report, entitled: State of Small Business Online Advertising Q2 2010.

Facebook – Simple Steps for Safety at Home and Work- PF May 2010

In this ever-advancing age of real-time social networking, the threats to sensitive personal information keep growing. Cyber-thieves now access all the daily sites you use, just looking for that slip of info that will unlock bank accounts, passwords, and sometimes even your house!