Dispatch from the Head Sherpa

Hello, and welcome to 2012! You may have noticed that we didn’t send you a newsletter in January. Well, we know it’s the beginning of a new year, a new business quarter, and you’re swamped – getting back to work after the holidays, making and meeting your first quarter goals, etc.

We’re patient Sherpas, as well as smart. And we’ll keep our message for February brief – we’re introducing a few new things and we’d love for you to come check them out.

First, is our Future Now blog, written by our CEO, Greg Gurev. In this new weekly feature, Greg will be exploring the how the rapidly evolving technology landscape is incorporated into best business practices and plans. You’ll get some stories from the field, as well as Greg’s take on what technology you should be thinking about for your business.

You can explore the Future Now blog or any of our other topics by heading over to our site, www.mysherpa.com/blog and looking under the “Future Now 2012” category.

Also, if you haven’t checked out our social media pages please take moment to “Like” us or send us a message and let us know what you’re working on. We’re always making appearances in the area, and we love meeting our clients and fans. Check us out on Google Places, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

We’d also like to field some of the more commonly asked questions about products and services, and post them in our newsletters in our new Simple Guides section. We all have questions on some of the technology and software out there – if you’ve got something on your mind, send us your questions here, and the best ones will get answered in our newsletter. Check out the first question in this edition.

Here at Sherpa HQ, we’re always working for our clients, whether it’s giving technology recommendations, or preventing network disruptions for maximum uptime. We’re always looking for the next mountain to conquer, and we’re always ready to help. If you know someone who could use a Sherpa on their side, let us know.

Thanks, and welcome to 2012!

Jessica, your Sherpa Brand Champion

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