File Sync

There are many file sync products on the market but choosing the right one for your company can be tricky. Fortunately we offer MySherpa Sync which is a product stands on its own as a cloud base service but also tightly integrates with Active Directory so you have the same granular control of shares, groups and permissions in the cloud as you do on your LAN.

We license Sync on a per seat basis so you can license just a few seats for a particular department or provide file access across your company enabling enterprise productivity for all your users, laptops and mobile devices. The best part about Sync is the easy to use web portal where you can selfmanage all aspects of the product without relying on our help. Need to add a user, no problem. Need to terminate access, no problem. The solution is yours to use but is fully backed by MySherpa.

Running an IT department comes with many challenges, implementing cloud file sync is not one of them.