Web Filtering

Today’s business technology is allowing more employees to break away from the “cube farm,” to be more mobile with their jobs, or to work remotely without sacrificing connectivity to the company network. MySherpa ensures that your network security isn’t sacrificed, either.

Cloud-managed Web filtering offers your company network security, no matter where employees work or what devices they use. Provided as a service, there are no capital outlays for new hardware or one-time licensing. MySherpa provides you with an intuitive, self-service Web portal for you to administer policies. The service is fully managed and does not require any updates.

  • Low cost, high value.
  • Rapid, worldwide remote deployment.
  • Threat protection blocks malware, botnets and phishing, and advanced attacks before they can cause damage.
  • Big-data analytics, predictive intelligence and machine learning to automation protection.
  • No added latency or extra hops because traffic is not rerouted.
  • Proven reliability and used by millions daily.

Running an IT department comes with many challenges. Securing your network does not have to be one of them.