Off-site Backup

“Going paperless” was once only a buzz phrase. Eventually many companies completed this shift to electronic recordkeeping, making the efficiency of a paperless office a reality. Accounting, inventory, employee records and customer lists are at the fingertips of employees and managers to streamline data and create instant reports. It’s beautiful… unless there’s a system failure.

A catastrophic system failure creates chaos because all the data you’ve come to rely on disappears – instantly. Going paperless means no paper backup tucked into a file cabinet drawer. To recreate lost information from scratch is expensive and time consuming. Offsite data backup is essential to preventing a total loss of your data.

MySherpa offers a comprehensive, off-site backup solution that’s practically maintenance-free and priced appropriately for your budget. Off-site data backup is extremely important in case of a facilities disaster impacting your office.

A recent FEMA report estimates that 40 to 60 percent of small to midsized businesses won’t survive a data calamity, yet other priorities and financial constraints often push business continuity to a back burner.

Servers crash and data encrypting malware is on the rise. It happens, but with our secure, versioned, off-site backups, we’ll protect your valuable data, keeping it safe and secure. MySherpa gets you back to business – fast!