Mobile Device Management

There is no better way to keep close to your clients than a well implemented mobile device plan. Service companies are using mobile devices in the field to place orders, look up inventory and generate invoices. Construction firms are using tablets on the job site for drawings, specifications and time tracking.

We license MDM on a per seat basis so you can license just the right number of seats without committing to a minimum quantity. Now you can manage your devices, apps and licensing from a single pane glass via a browser for all your devices. There are no servers to set up and we can even assist with implementation if your resources are running thin.

The best part about MySherpa MDM Sync is the easy to use web portal where you can self-manage all aspects of the product without relying on our help. Need to add a user, no problem. Need to terminate access, no problem. The solution is yours to use but is fully backed by MySherpa.

Running an IT department comes with many challenges, implementing and running mobile device management is not one of them.